Hello and a warm welcome to my blog.

I am Dixi and I am 17 years old.
I was always interested in shoes and bags and accessories as a kid, I'd always try on my mom's scarves and shoes on my tiny feet because I was really overwhelmed by my mother's beautiful shoes and her gorgeous outfits. That is basically how my interest for fashion began. As I entered my teen years, I started reading more magazines, taking an interest in shopping, putting together outfits. 
The reason why I created this blog is very funny. So before this, I had another blog whch was not evry successful and I created that because of the movie Frenemies- that inspired me to create a blog. so my previous blog wasn't very successful and I deleted it, but it din't feel quite right, so that is when I created this blog last year.

I chose the name She Dreams Fashion because when other girls like to think about TV shows and cute guys, I think about how a certain dress would look if I paired it with a pink blazer and so on. I dream about outfits and beauty and fashion and how life would be if I were a designer, thus the name. I want to make it big in the fashion industry one day just like Kayture(MY FAVORITE BLOG EVER).
So hop on to this crazy ride with me and hopefully one day, we will make it as big as the other successful fashion blogs out there.

Hope you enjoy your visit on my blog x

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