Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Hello! Sorry for the lack of posts recently but I didn't have wifi so I was not able to put this post up. However I hope that you will enjoy today's blog post. 
So not long ago, I was just going through the Kylie Cosmetics website, expecting everything to be sold out as usual but that was not the case, I was really surprised to find the lipkits in stock and so I HAD TO BUY THEM. I chose to buy the Dolce K lipkit as I felt that it would look the best against my black hair and olive Asian skintone. BOY AM I IMPRESSED!  had been looking forever for a lipcolour that has some grey-mauvey undertones becauseI think its sucha pretty colour and good for everyday. Dolce K is just that, its a muted brown colour with hints of mauve and grey, pretty much the perfect shade for me.
I have heard many people complain about it being drying and the formula not being good enough but I have a different opinion. I think that the formula is amazing, it is absolutely lightweight and you do not even feel it on your lips and if you apply a little balm before applying it, it is absolutely perfect.
IT smells like vanilla and creme eggs so that is  win-win. Now talking about the lipliner, it is the same colour as the liquid lipstick so if you do have problems with the liquid lipstick, you can always use the lipliner as it is very soft and creamy and does not tug at your lips.
 Longevity wise, it is AMAZING because it does not feather or fade, stays put through meal and drinking. It literally stayed on for 9 hours through lunch and drinks and coffee and a lot of desserts

My final verdict is that the lipkit is amazing and totally worth the money and since it is becoming easier to buy them, you should definitely get yourself one. I plan on getting my hands on Candy K next because I am that obsessed with it now.

Do you have a Kylie Lipkit?

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