Wednesday, 10 August 2016


 Hello dear readers,

Hope you all are doing well and I hope that you are read a new post that I have for you in collaboration with Tommy John.
Now I am pretty sure that almost all of us have experience that moment where it is boiling hot outside but the moment you enter your office, it is freezing cold but you have nothing to keep you warm. Yeah I get it, is confusing to dress up in such situations but worry not because yours truly  is here to help you all slay.

Now my personal preference to dress up during such moments is to slip on a summer blazer. Summer blazers are my absolute favorite because not only are they pretty and lighter compared to your average winter blazers but also come in handy when you want to layer in summers without looking like a grandma.
I have put together an editorial of a few looks from which you can take inspiration and create your own looks.

Now, I know that wearing blazers all the time can get boring so I also like to wear shirt dresses. Shirt dresses loo really pretty and elegant and are made out of a very comfortable material. Full sleeved shirt dresses are a blessing as its loose structure is easy and breathable for when you step outside and it's like you stepped into a fireball but at the same time, it provides comfort in the chilly office conditions.
Now I also have something for you guys out there. I may not have the best knowledge in terms of men's fashion but I did try my best to help you all out as well. So summers mean bright colors and what not and casuals. In this set that I have created, I put together a very causal outfit but made it look professional by adding a summer blazer again. That way, not only can it take you from desk to date but it can also keep you warm and it is a very flexible outfit.
I also feel that men and young professional workers can always take the help of some comfortable underwear as they not only keep you comfortable but are great as well.
Do check them out on Tommy John.

Thank you for reading and hope you all have a great weekend.

How do you layer during the summer?


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