Sunday, 31 May 2015


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It has been almost an year since I have started this blog. In this one year, I have achieved quite a lot(a lot to me), I have over 100 followers on Bloglovin, a readership that I value so much, more than 2000 views on my blog. I have also made some good friends through blogging and it has made me much more creative and patient as a person. I was very hesitant when I first started my blog, I would read a lot of tips and advises and finally decided to start my own blog. It has been quite a journey since then and there's still a long road to go. For those of who have just started blogging or are wishing to start, here are a few advises that I think would help. I am in no means a big blogger like Kristina Bazan from Kayture or Chiara Ferragni from The blonde Salad, but these are some basic tips that must be kept in mind and so here I am sharing them with my lovely readers.

  1. Find a suitable name for the blog: I cannot stress this point enough. A name is everything, it is your identity, your blog's identity, it distinguishes you from the sea of blogger, makes you unique. Choose a name that represents you, your blog's theme and something you love and can relate to. You wouldn't want to change your blog name too often, so choose a name for your blog very wisely, take time and make a list and choose from the lost.
  2. Choose a good layout: While choosing a layout for your blog, keep in mind that the blog must look attractive and clean, it should not be congested and should be easy for your readers to navigate through. Choose a nice header, make an about me page, include social media in your blog and use good pictures for your blog posts. The main goal is to make it look clean and gorgeous at the same time.
  3. Use social media: I highly recommend the use of social medias like Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin' to improve your readership and to interact with other bloggers who have the same interests as you. Take part in twitter chats, tweet about your new posts, get to know other bloggers. Use Instagram to post good pictures and promote your blog. Although, do not spam your followers, posting twice to thrice a day about your blog is a good idea.
  4. Quality over Quantity: Posting 7 days a week isn't necessary. Instead, work on your post, put effort into it, take time clicking pictures editing them and writing down the post. If you post twice a week, as long as your quality of the post is good, it's all good. I t will not only make your readers happy but it will also make you proud and happy of what you have posted. so it is always quality over quantity

Hope this post could help out atleast one of you x

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