Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Don't Forget Your Accessories| My Current Favorite Accessories

Hey :)
So only 2 days are left until Christmas and it is the most exciting time of the year.
For today's post,I've put together some pieces that I have been loving recently. I feel like these pieces really make the outfit stand out. I am a huge accessory person and to be honest, I don't have any more space to store my accessories but that does not stop me from buying them. I am writing this post while I listen to Four by One Direction,they are perfection.

  I feel like this necklace is perfect,it was gifted to me by a friend so shoutout to her for gifting this to me. This goes with all my basics and makes them stand out and look dressy. It looks best with striped dresses/toshirts according to me.

   Now now, you must have atleast once gold chain necklace because they go with E V E R Y T H I N G.
   I got mine from Forever 21.

   I think I've worn these bracelets the most this year and they are from Lucardi. They are so cute and      chic,do't you think?

 I do not usually wear such earrings,but this one was an exception. I walked into the Accessorize store and I knew I had to get it or else it would haunt me in my dreams. So I did,and girl,they go with everything and they are just so adorable and definitely my favorite earrings.

  I got this ring watch from Primark in Germany a couple of years back. Sadly enough,today when I was clicking pictures, i noticed it stopped working but then it does not stop me from wearing this beauty,does it now? :) This was probably the smallest thing someone has purchased from Primark. I roamed about in the store for approximately 1.5 hours and walked out with only this ring,but it is precious and I am the proud owner of this cute little ring-watch.

And *drum rolls* since I was doing an accessory post, i thought I'd show you where I hang my bracelets. I use this gorgeous thing out here to hold all my bracelets and rings. this was given to me by a thoughtful friend because she knew the ridiculous amount of bracelets that I own.

Hope you enjoyed today's post.
Happy holidays to all of you and hope you have a wonderful and an amazing Christmas.
Loads of Love
Also, tell me in the comments what you will be doing this year for Christmas.


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