Thursday, 9 October 2014

Fall Wish List

Hello lovely readers x
Today's post is all about what I would love to buy this fall,basically things which are on my fall wish list. Hope you enjoy reading this post.
1. Studded Faux Leather Barrel Bag- I have been wanting this bag for the longest time now but just when I was about to buy this bag,it went out of stock. I think this lovely bag from Forever 21 is lovely and versatile especially because of the studs. But I'm still going to wait and hope that they re-stock it. *fingers crossed*
2. Parka Jacket- I had one of these amazing parka jackets but then it became a bit short on me so I had give it away. Now I'm on the hunt for another parka jacket since it is really versatile and a staple for fall/winter.
3. Mac Pink Plaid- So me and my friend,both of us have been wanting to purchase this lovely lipstick by MAC as the color is really nice and I think it would suit me.
4. UGG Boots in Chestnut- Now I have been wanting them for the longest time but simply cannot find them which is a bit annoying but I hope I can get them soon because they are very comfortable and chic. 
5. Naked 2 Basics Palette- Now all of us love this and this has been on my wishlist since the past 2 months when a friend of mine introduced me to this. The colors are really warm and I would love to own it.
6. Topshop Cropped Denim Jacket- I am all about denim jackets and just like the parka jacket,my dark washed denim jacket did not fit me anymore as I have grown taller and so I think I will get this adorable light-wash denim jacket.

Thank You all for reading
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Also tell me what is on your fall wish list?


  1. Love those items on your wish-list, they're perfect for fall :) My wishlist for fall is everything, haha! ;) I followed you on bloglovin' ;)


    1. Thanks a lot and I have followed you on Bloglovin too. So excited for fall xx